Summer Time Blues......aka Stoner's Cove.......aka Jailhouse Rock
Stoner's Cove...
Summer Time Blues

I really miss sublime.... No like REALLY miss sublime and yeah I know they still play with Rome, but it's really just not the same. Thanks to spotify and the radio station mix it provides I have been gradually finding more and more bands that have a similar style and sound. I've been compiling this playlist for a few days now under the name JAILHOUSE ROCK and just couldn't stop listening.. Anyhow here ya go

  1. Doin' Time Uptown Dub - Sublime (Sublime)
  2. Rent - No Shame (Pepper)
  3. Sunset in July - Universal Pulse (311)
  4. Lay Me Down - Any Port in a Storm (The Dirty Heads)
  5. Aqueous Transmission - Morning View (Incubus)
  6. 2am - Chronchitis (Slightly Stoopid)
  7. Baby's Got Sauce - G. Love and Special Sauce (G. Love & Special Sauce)
  8. Ashes - In With the Old (Pepper)
  9. Amber - From Chaos (311)
  10. Lonely at the Top - One More Night (The Movement)
  11. Falling - American Born (Bargain Music)
  12. Driftin' - Any Port in a Storm (The Dirty Heads)
  13. Badfish - 40oz to Freedom (Sublime)